Boxing Day Race

VoAAC 56th Boxing Day Races Results

VoAAC Boxing Day Race Course Information & FAQ

SAFETY: Please note that the mile and junior races are run on a combination of public roads and footpaths. Runners should take great care if the conditions are either icy or slippery, to run on the pavements, only to cross public roads when it is safe to do so, and heed any instructions given by the Race Referee and/or Marshalls, especially at road junctions. Wearing of personal listening devises i.e. iPods is strictly prohibited and could lead to disqualification.  Due to the number of sharp turns on the course, dogs are not allowed to accompany runners.


All finishers will receive a commemorative medal plus a £2 voucher to spend on refreshments in the Kingsbury PH.  Please ensure you use these vouchers since it will ensure the future viability of the race. Race Prizes will be presented at approximately 11.00am in the Kingsbury. The following prizes will be awarded:

1st Male and Female will each receive a medallion and a £50 voucher for Up & Running (Oxford)

2nd Male and Female will each receive a medallion and a £25 voucher for Up & Running (Oxford)

3rd Male and Female will each receive a medallion and a bottle of wine.

The first ‘Santa’ will receive a bottle of wine

The following category winners will each receive a medallion:

Male                Female

Under 15         Under 15

Under 17         Under 17

Vet 40              Vet 35

Vet 50              Vet 45

Vet 60              Vet 55

The 1st (First Claim) VOAAC male to finish will be awarded The Kirk Clifford Trophy.

The 1st (First Claim) VOAAC female to finish will be awarded The Ruth Allcock Trophy.

The first boy and girl in the Under 13’s race will each receive a commemorative medal.

Contact Us

Graham Gorman

Race Director

07984 567673


Alan Roberts

Race Organiser

07818 871082



VoAAC 56th Boxing Day Road Race Results 2015



History of the race

The Club's annual Boxing Day road race has been held since 1950 and has covered several routes within the Town Centre since its inauguration.

In 1996 the course measured 6.5km and included running up the High Street.   A new course was introduced in 2005 making it an accurate standardised distance of 5km. The race began as a Club only event, but in the 1980s and 1990s was opened up to other enthusiastic runners over a two loop course taking into account Walton Pond.  It boasted steeple chase international Roger Hackney and Olympic swimmer turned tri-athlete Robin Brew amongst the previous winners, along with a string of wins and top three finishes by local athlete Andy Magnall.

The current course consists of three laps (1 large lap of 2km followed by two slightly smaller laps of 1.5km), each lap taking on the short climb up Castle Street which has been a spectacular feature over the years.

Boxing Day Races Course Records & Roll of Honour