Club Welfare and Insurance

Club Welfare

From: VoAAC General Secretary [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: 26 July 2017 23:20
VoAAC procedure reminder: What to do if an incident occurs at the track

Hello All
Following a couple of minor incidents at the track recently, it seemed like a good time to remind everybody of what they need to do should an incident take place.
If an athlete suffers any injury whilst training with us, then this needs to be recorded in the Incident Book on top of the safe in the club hut.
The Incident Book is a straightforward fill in the boxes proforma and is self explanatory. This needs to be done, regardless of whether the athlete receives first aid or not.
ALL incidents where first aid is administered by either Coaches or Stadium staff MUST be recorded in the Incident Book.
Where a Junior athlete receives first aid or is involved in an incident, then the parent(s) of that athlete must be informed by the coaches before the child leaves the training group that evening and a very brief email sent to [email protected] covering the fact that an entry in the Incident Book has been made. Any serious Incidents must be brought to the immediate attention of a Senior Coach or Club Member at the earliest opportunity.
The club are currently reviewing all procedures and forms as part of a much needed overhaul of the day to day running of the club.
Prior to this being completed, the first aid kit will be held close to the Kestrels training area by the Steeplechase water jump on training nights between 7pm & 8pm. A list of the qualified club first aiders will be displayed on the first aid noticeboard (on the reverse of the STOP, DON'T CROSS THE TRACK sign).
Kestrels coaches will be responsible for taking the first aid kit to this location on Tuesdays and Thursdays and returning it to the top of the safe in the club hut at the end of the session.
At all other times, the kit will be available in the club hut on top of the safe behind the hatch on the left as you enter through the main door.
Without tempting fate, these incidents are few and far between at our track, but a reminder prior to new procedures being implemented seemed appropriate.
Thanks for your time
VoAAC Chairman

Accident/Injury Forms

These are located in the Welfare Area of the clubhut (near the tuck shop entrance). Blank forms are on the noticeboard should an event occur. Please ensure welfare officers notified.

Helen Rolfe
Female Welfare Officer

Insurance and Risk Assessments


Vale of Aylesbury AC as an affiliated Athletic Club to British Athletics are covered by UKA Insurance for third party public liability only & we strongly suggest members review the insurance documents provided within the British Athletics website with a view to take out additional personal insurance if they or their parents feel this not adequate enough.

Only qualified coaches are covered.  A Coach or Leader who holds a current UKA pass and licence in the discipline being coached is automatically provided with public liability insurance cover which applies while you are involved in “athletics activities”.  Full details are provided on the British Athletics link on this page.

Athletes trialling at the club are covered, in the same way as fully paid athletes (third party public liability) for 3 sessions as long as they or their parent have completed the temporary membership details, blank forms are located within the Club Hut.

Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments have been completed by the Young Athlete Management Group and specialist coaches were applicable.  These will be continually updated and copies of the latest versions below.

UKA-Risk-Assessment-Template-_Club-Night-Stadium-Training-VoAAC// Track Etiquette March 2015

UKA Risk Assessment Template_indoor Sportshall

UKA Risk Assessment Template_Clubhut VoAAC

UKA Risk Assessment A413 Wendover Road // A413 Wendover Road Venue Map

Throws area Risk Assessment to be updated