Grand Prix 2022

2022 Season

A few of the race dates for 2022 are still to be confirmed, so where there is no official date yet the month when the race normally goes ahead has been included

1 Milton Keynes Half Marathon - 13/03/20229 Maidenhead Half Marathon - 04/09/2022
2 Leighton 10K - 27/03/202210 Leighton 10 Miles - 25/09/2022
3 Maidenhead Easter 10 Miles - 15/04/202211 Eynsham 10K - November
4 Pednor 5 Miles - 02/05/202212 VoAAC Boxing Day 5K - 26/12/2022
5 Winslow 10K - Cancelled13 Aylesbury Parkrun Paper Race - Various
6 Thame 10K - 26/06/202214 Oxford Mota-vation Series Paper Race - Various
7 VoAAC Waddesdon 5K - 20/07/202215 20 Miles Paper Race - Various
8 Bearbrook 10K - 07/08/202216 Marathon Paper Race - Various


The prizes for both men and women will be:

1st £50.00 cash & 12 months FREE Club membership

2nd £30.00 Cash

3rd £20.00 Cash


2022 Results So Far

As of 7th June 2022



Results for the 2019/20 Grand Prix season have been deemed null and void as over half of the season did not take place due to the Coronavirus.  Thank you to those who did take part in the races from the season that did go ahead!

2020/21 was also cancelled due to Coronavirus

Historical results can be downloaded here:-

  1. You can only score points in the 16 races. The individuals best of 6 from 16 count.
  2. The top 20 Vale athletes in each race will score the following points; 1st = 20, 2nd = 19, 3rd = 18 etc regardless of their race finishing position in the open event. This is separate for male and females.
  3. Anyone not wearing a VoAAC Vest will not have any Grand Prix points for that race.
  4. You score 2 bonus points for making the top 3 of an open event in your category e.g. Senior Men, Senior Women, Vet (35/40/45/50/55/60) or Junior (U17/20/23) but only when the age categories are recognised as prizes in the open event.
  5. 2 Bonus points will be awarded to ALL participants for each Vale of Aylesbury AC team that places 1st, 2nd or 3rd in any open event. These team points only count if the open event recognises the team awards. You must finish the open event to qualify.
  6. Age Graded bonus points. 5, 3 and 1 points to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd best age graded performances at each event in both categories using WMA age-grading calculator 2006 (updated 2010).
  7. 2nd claim members are eligible for the VoAAC Road Race Grand Prix. However, to claim 'team bonus points' in an individual race the 2nd claim member must have entered as VoAAC and run in a VoAAC vest - otherwise there are no restrictions.
  8. Jokers - every member will be given 2 Jokers. These will earn double for ALL points scored at the event where played. A minimum of 24 hours’ notice is to be given to the Grand Prix Secretary. A Joker can only be placed after the preceding round has finished (except Round 1 which can be placed any time prior to the event and Paper Races*).
  9. You CANNOT play a Joker when leading the Grand Prix!
  10. It is the individual’s responsibility to inform the Grand Prix Secretary of when they wish to play their Jokers.
  11. In the event of a draw for 1st, 2nd or 3rd places at the end of the season the winner will be determined by least races run. If still equal then amalgamated times of the best scoring 6 races with the lowest time winning.
  12. Awards will be presented at an awards event in 2023 to both winners.
  13. You can only score points in the 16 Grand Prix races listed above.

'Paper Races' Explained

  • A competitor's PB (where used chip time will be applicable) for the GP season 2019/20 will be ranked accordingly to determine individual points and age graded bonus points.
  • With the Oxford Mota-vation series the best average pace for 4 miles from the individual’s best race of 5 shall be used to calculate their best performance.
  • With Park Run the individual’s best time from only the Aylesbury Park Run will be used. Please also refer to Rule 3. Rule 3 will be difficult to police so please show respect to your Club, Team Mates, Training Partners and Friends.
  • Joker bonus points* - Should you wish to play one of your Jokers on any of your 'Paper Races' then it must be declared before you compete in your first race of that round, whether that turns out to be your Seasons best with-in the round will not matter as far as the round is concerned you have played a Joker.
  • Joker team bonus points - Should the VoAAC win any team prizes at ANY 'Paper Race' you compete in then ALL those bonus points will be included in your 'Paper Race'. The team award in the Oxford Mota-vation series will be determined by the overall standing of the VoAAC after the 5 races.
  • Whilst every effort is made to collate all 'Paper Race' results it is ultimately the individual competitor who is responsible for supplying results to the GP Secretary.
  • If still not clear then please ask the GP Secretary.



Robin Barrett GP Secretary