BUCKS COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIPS – 11th and 12th May 2019

Upper Age Group YDL – Match one: Stevenage – Sunday 28th April 2019
May 10, 2019
Outstanding Weekend for the Pole Vault Team
May 29, 2019
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Forty-seven personal bests, thirty-six medals, twenty-one medallists, fourteen bronze, ten silver,
twelve gold and one championship best performance. That is the (short) story of the Vale’s
performance at the recent Buckinghamshire County Championships (combined with Oxfordshire’s.)

The event took place across a weekend at Oxford’s Horspath Athletics Track. Some athletes were in
attendance on both days, some for only one event but all did the club proudly and many took home
medals and personal bests for their efforts.

Eleven athletes went home as multiple medallists. They included Alex Byrom (3 golds) who was
victorious in the U20 men’s 110m hurdles (18.86secs), Discus (22.20m PB) and Javelin (37.04m) and
Emilia Rock (2 golds) who won two sprints across the weekend. Her first was the U15 girls 300m
(42.00secs) before coming back on Sunday and setting a championship best performance in the
200m (25.53secs.)

Lucy Perkins took home 3 medals (1 gold, 2 silver) across various sprints, winning
the U17 women 300m (43.1secs) and claiming silvers for 200m (27.33secs) and 300m hurdles
(48.93secs PB.)

Her training partner Carmen Williams also took home 3 medals (1 gold, 1silver, 1
bronze) and did it across track and field disciplines. Her gold came on the track in the U17 women
80m hurdles (12.37secs PB), the silver in the 100m (12.89secs PB) and the bronze in the field as she
leapt her way to bronze in the Long Jump (5.27m.)

Two talented U15 boys were the next multiple medallists both claiming 1 gold and 1 silver medal. Alastair Walls took the U15 boys 300m title (39.08secs PB) with his training partner Ewan Maxwell grabbing the silver medal (39.22secs PB.)

Their roles were reversed in the 800m the next day with Ewan taking the victory (2:09.25) and
Alastair having to settle for silver (2:13.86.) Latanyah Byfield had a good weekend on her way to
claiming 2 medals (1 gold, 1 bronze) across both days of competition, finishing level on time with
Carmen in the U17 women 100m but had to settle for bronze (12.89secs PB) before leaving the
photo finish with no doubts in the 200m the next day on her way to victory (26.89secs PB.)

Our next multiple medallist was the only one to win her medals only in field events. Mary Drewett took home
2 medals (both silver) in the U15 girls Long Jump (4.83m PB) and High Jump (1.40m.). In the U13 girls
events, Ffion Mabey claimed 3 medals (1 silver, 2 bronze) with her silver coming in the Discus
(15.80m PB) and a sprint double bronze in the 100m (14.40secs PB) and 200m (30.04secs PB.)

Also in  the U13 girls, Olivia London set two personal bests in the 70m hurdles (12.88secs PB) and Discus
(10.94m PB) on her way to 2 bronze medals. Our final double medallist was Andrew Partridge (U15
boys) who mirrored Olivia’s achievements by claiming 2 bronze medals and personal bests in both a
sprint hurdles (80m hurdles – 16.09secs PB) and a throw (Hammer – 19.77m PB.)

A further 10 athletes also took home medals for their efforts. Golds were won in the Pole Vault with
Nemiah Munir (U20 women) claiming the Bucks title (2.80m PB) and Joel Hansen doing the same in
the U15 boys (1.90m.) Silvers were claimed by Max Perry in the U20 men 800m (2:00.53 PB) and
Sotia Zachariou in the U13 girls High Jump (1.33m PB.) Bronze medals came from a variety of age
groups and disciplines with Hannah Whitby – U15 girls 100m (12.64secs PB), Max Nicolle – U17 men
800m (2:02.75), Woody Day – U15 boys 1500m (4:43.62) and Anna Cuthbert – U17 women 1500m
(4:55.59 PB) all receiving track medals and Nathaniel Arulanandam – U15 boys Javelin (23.26m) and
Leo Tottle – U13 boys Javelin (22.93m PB) claiming field medals.

Many other athletes took part and did well, either finishing just outside the medals or being
rewarded with personal bests for their efforts.


Their results can be seen below:
U20 Men
Alex Byrom – 100m (5th – 12.08), 200m (3rd – 24.65 (wind-legal PB)), Long Jump (2nd – 5.44m PB)
Korben Fenty – 100m (4th – 11.66), 200m (2nd – 23.96)
Ben Lindars – 1500m (7th – 4:21.42)
Max Perry – 1500m (4th – 4:16.73)

U17 Men
Max Nicolle – 1500m (5th – 4:18.39)

U15 Boys
Andrew Partridge – 800m Heat 2 (5th – 2:29.33 PB), Shot Put (4th – 6.38m PB)
Ethan Perry – 800m Heat 1 (3rd – 2:17.43 3rd PB) Final (8th – 2:25.55)
Thomas Young – 1500m (9th – 5:22.96 PB)

U13 Boys
Samuel Hart – 800m (8th – 2:39.20)
Harry Owen – 1500m (11th – 6:03.52 PB), Javelin (4th – 21.50m PB)

U17 Women
Millie Carey – 800m (6th – 2:30.56 PB), 1500m (8th – 5:26.37)
Anna Cuthbert – 800m (4th – 2:25.10 PB)
Emily Johnston – 1500m (6th – 5:02.72 PB)
Lucy Perkins – 100m (5th – 13.19 PB (+2.4)), Long Jump (4th – 4.83m)

U15 Girls
Mary Drewett – 200m (4th – 27.73 PB), 75m hurdles (4th – 12.95 PB), Shot Put (4th – 7.03m)

U13 Girls
Katie Clarke – 200m Heat 1 (8th – 34.56), High Jump (5th – 1.15m PB), Shot Put (9th – 5.93m PB)
Emma Corby – 800m (5th – 2:41.36), 1500m (4th – 5:19.10 PB), Long Jump (5th – 3.89m PB)
Abigail Corby – 800m (6th – 2:42.52 PB), 1500m (7th – 5:30.82 PB), Long Jump (7th – 3.70m PB)
Lucy Cuthbert – 800m (9th – 2:48.12), 70m hurdles (7th – 15.25 PB), High Jump (6th – 1.15m PB)
Olivia London – 800m (16th – 3:04.14)
Ffion Mabey – Long Jump (8th – 3.66m), Shot Put (4th – 6.87m)
Sotia Zachariou – 70m hurdles (4th – 13.89 PB), Shot Put (7th – 6.21m)

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