June 5, 2016
June 26, 2016
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Stoke Mandeville Stadium has been invited to host a unique event on Sunday 10th July and Club members age 13 and over are invited to take part.  It is a wonderful opportunity to be involved in a very unusual event. 

Two Paralympic athletes, Javi Conde and Jon Salvador, will be running a marathon (105 laps) on the track at the stadium where they would very much like a collection of enthusiastic athletes to join them for as many laps as they would like to. 

As a little history for you, Javi took part in 5 Paralympic Games between 1992 and 2008 winning a total of 7 Gold and 2 Silver medals.  When he left elite sport in 2009, he started a project called “Solidary Marathons” with the objective of running a marathon in all cities which have organised Olympic or Paralympic Games.  Six years later and after 40 marathons, they are going to finish off with 105 laps at the Stoke Mandeville track, some of you may recall, the 1984 Paralympics were held there at short notice.

 It is very important to understand that this is not a race; it is the conclusion of a 6 year project – a celebration of running.  If you would like to join in, whether it is for two laps or 20, please let me know as we do need to give the organisers a rough number of participants.  Javi and Jon expect to complete the run in approximately 3 and a half hours and the plan is that Javi will be first to cross the finishing line. The organisers are arranging publicity for the event on the day.

Please do get involved with this project if you possibly can and let Pat know if you will be there.  It is hoped that there will be food and drinks available on the day and if any Club member would like to help out in any way, please email either:

Ann Taylor: [email protected]

Pete Hoare: [email protected] or

Pat Card:  [email protected]

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