April 24, 2016
May 15, 2016

Richard Bazeley coined the phrase “Londone” today after finishing the 2016 London Marathon, the 36th time the event has been run and where over 39,000 runners completed the event – a new record!

In decent running conditions, though a little cold, five of Vale’s runners put their months of training behind them and turned out for the main event. Some will be happier than others with their performances, but that is how every marathon works out at every level of ability.

Ben Jackson who runs in the Vet 40 age category will undoubtedly be delighted with his finishing time of 3:20:14 which is a new personal best by fractionally under 14 minutes over his time last year. David Maisey (V45) too ran well finishing in 2:47:12 his best time since 2012 and after having taken a break from running too; infact he has only completed a marathon faster than this on two occasions. The run continues David’s excellent season on both road and cross country.

The only report we have from our athletes so far is from Richard Bazeley (SM) who commented “I started well, detonated badly for a massive positive split but I got there in one piece and the crowds were great at pulling me round.” Richard completed the race in 3:57:37. There were also great runs from Charlotte Steptoe (SW) who finished in 3:08:37, her second fastest marathon time and Alan Roberts (V50) who came home in 3:37:55 running in his 32nd London Marathon.

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